5 Things Every Student Needs To Make It through Limerick University
Jan 26
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1. Good Coffee (Or Tea) That’s Cheap To Takeaway

Coffee, coffee, and coffee – when you are on the go, it is all about the coffee, or the tea, for the few. From regular, black coffee to the lattes and sugar-filled styles, it is important to have coffee in your flat and a reliable coffee shop near (or at) school. I’d always have a coffeemaker with the grinds and water inside before bed so it can be turned instantly after waking up. For the coffee shoppers, if you have a “Coffee Dock” on campus, as it is at University Limerick (granted, it’s Starbucks), or one more reliable down the street, like Brew Bros. 

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2. Good, Quick Food…That Is Also Cheap…And easy To Takeaway

In that same coffee shop will also be some good food to buy like croissants and toast and ready-to-eat sandwiches. You could also get them in convenience store like Spar or Tesco.

3. A Long Lasting Computer

This shouldn’t be a second thought, but you also don’t - and can’t - have a glitch with the computer, which is why it better be fixed and not too old to take into the class. (I am typing this little list on a 6-year-old MacBook Pro and would get a new one if I were to enter university again.) Have a computer with all of the fancy features of anti-virus software and all the space and software needed to do work and please don’t rely on “turning it on and off again” because power cycling doesn’t always save things you could be working on.

4. Zzzz… Sleep…. Zzzz

As much as you need to be on the move and working in a frantic state of mind with studying and papers, people need to rest. Usually, you need 8 hours, and if you can get those 8 hours on a daily basis, fantastic job.

Most likely, students won’t get those 8 hours because of the balance of education and social life. It will be more likely 6 hours a night, but 6 is workable. It’s the oversleeping that you cannot have at any point, which is why you need to time your schedule between each day from you begin perfectly. You may have to skip a meal, but you can’t cut counting sheep.

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5. That Watering Hole We Call “Our Pub”

We’d be complete fool of ourselves if we didn’t suggest having a good pub around to have your daily pint – or however often you drink a pint. It is part of the cultural foundation of the green, white, and orange and to just skip past the pub is civically treasonous. It is the place to wind down, let loose, and meet with friends to discuss daily lives, rumors, news, and what Professor So-and-So asked and did. If coffee gets you up, then a pint of Guinness, Magner’s, or whatever beer you desire will wind you down. It’s the famous lyrics from Cheers, “Sometime you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came…”

P.S. – Drink responsibly. I am not encouraging alcoholism because no one wants to look like Father Jack on Craggy Island. So, if you can’t handle the drink, stay away from the pubs.


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After studying Hotel and Catering Management, head chef Allen entered the family business in 2012 moving Brew Bros towards a more service oriented restaurant serving freshly cooked local produce and the finest Gourmet burgers to the great people of Limerick.

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