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5 Things To Do In Limerick

By Allen O'Shaughnessy | Limerick

Jun 20
St Marys Cathedral limerick

5 Things To Do In Limerick

Limerick is a city in the Midwest region of Ireland that is built on the River Shannon centered on the area known as King’s Island. With over 94,000 citizens, it is the third highest populated city in the country and dates back to the 800s. Limerick is full of history and culture, making it a very popular place to visit outside of Dublin. There are plenty of things to do in the city; here five must-go-to attractions in Limerick.

• King John’s Castle –

This 13th Century is one of the most well maintained Norman castles on the continent and stands over the River Shannon. The 800+ years of history can be seen inside thanks to the interactive exhibitions and excavations out for everyone to see. From the top, the panoramic views of Limerick are breathtaking. This incredible standing piece of history is open year round (except Christmas and Boxing Day) and is perfect for all ages.

hunt museum limerick

• Hunt Museum –

This collection of works are all donated from the forenamed family known for extensive collection of art and antiques. Opened 20 years ago in the 18th Century Custom House, the museum holds over 2,500 pieces of history from Ireland and around the world. They come from Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece, the Medieval Age, and pieces from the early 20th century from notable artists including Picasso, Renoir, Jack B. Yeats, and Henry Moore.

president of Ireland in limerick museum

President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins in Limerick Museum

• Limerick City Museum –

Opened in 1906, the history of the city is featured throughout going back to the Stone Age. It includes multiple displays and over 50,000 pieces including a sword given to the city Queen Elizabeth I, the Royal Executive Charter signed by King Charles II, and a collection of lace created in the city dated from the 19th Century. Best of all, entry is free.

When in Ireland, make a day trip or two to Luimneach and experience, “an ancient city very fierce in the skills of war.”
Frank McCourt Museum limerick

• Frank McCourt Museum –

Named after the Pulitzer Prize-winning author, this showcases the hometown legend’s home and school growing up in the 1930s, as depicted in his bestseller, Angela’s Ashes. Mementos of the past – school books, photographs, desks – are all seen in the Leamy House, a 19th Century, Tudor-style building with its own history, from being a Catholic school for boys to being a manufacturing building.

St Marys Cathedral limerick

• Saint Mary’s Cathedral –

It is not a Catholic church, but a cathedral for the Church of Ireland. Founded in 1168, the Cathedral was built on the former centre grounds of the Vikings in the ancient years and lies in the heart of the city. The church’s tower was added in the 14th century and rises at 120 feet. Like King John’s Castle, it has survived centuries of battles and has been constantly renovated and restored for the last 50 years, as it remains a major place of worship.

Limerick is a beautiful city, representing another section of Ireland that is beautiful and worth the visit. It has history and is modern, with plenty of shopping centers and markets to see as a major economic section in the country.

What do you think are the best attractions in Limerick? Place them in the comments below so tourists won't miss out.


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