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6 of the Best Coffee Shops In Limerick

By Allen O'Shaughnessy | Limerick

Jun 20
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Best Coffee Shops In Limerick

Coffee lovers in Ireland are everywhere and they take their coffee as serious as their beer. In the cities, there are the obvious franchise coffee shops – including Starbucks – but people take pride in their homemade businesses, which is why many prefer local coffee shops.

Limerick is no different and there are plenty of coffee shops to go to for the morning pick-me-up.

Here a 6 of the best coffee shops in Limerick.

canteen limerick

Canteen –

This is an interesting coffee shop because, at one end, it’s a nice place for a cappuccino, but on the other end, it goes beyond coffee and pastries. They have lunch boxes, salads, and Irish breakfasts and “pots.” The door is open wide to show its love and appreciation for its customers so much, that it was ranked among the 100 best places to eat in Ireland.

Aroma Coffee House –

It is a nice place with both indoor and outdoor seating, where patrons can have their mocha lattes and a muffin. Small and cozy, but also a nice, popular place hidden from the major streets, away from the massive crowds that walk up and down the River Shannon.

aroma cafe limerick

Petit Paris Café –

Standing on the corner of Henry Street, its exterior is automatically attractive and placed in an old-style building. With its variety of foods to accompany the coffee of choice, it stands close to the city visitor center – a nice hello for newcomers.

Café Noir –

This French-style coffee shop is quite the sight, even before drinking or eating. The coffee is freshly brewed from the finest beans imported and the pastries are made with the freshest of artisan ingredients in their kitchens.

hook and ladder limerick

Hook And Ladder –

There are two of them actually; one in downtown, the other by the University of Limerick. They are both popular (I don’t think I would consider it a franchise like Costa or Café Nero) and have great décor around them while people drink their coffee. For the one by the University, it is hugely popular with students. They have their own great selection snacks to go along with the their nicely crafted drinks.

Bonus Recommendation:

Carlton Coffee –

With its orange façade, it is a standout – especially with the Thomas St. sign standing right over it. Centrally located, it has great patio seating and some nice tall windows people like to sit in front of if inside.


What are the best cafes in Limerick we have missed? 
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