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Jan 26
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How To Make The Perfect Burger

The burger: a dish as simple as it is made courtesy of the Americans and the Germans. It’s up for debate who made the burger and who perfected it, but in the 1900s, it was a cross-country smash with the New York Tribune calling the burger "the innovation of a food vendor on the pike." While their origins remain in question, it is accepted by all to be a delicious and easily customized meal. Today, burgers are made with like a sculpture: how it is cooked, how big it should be, and what should be on top of it. The argument has now shifted from who came up with the burger to how to make the perfect burger (to which the best burger in Limerick is also where the perfect one is made, courtesy of Brew Brothers).

biggest burgers in limerick

Biggest burgers in Limerick

Find Or Make The Right Sized Burger

If you have control to cut and weigh the size of your burger, it is even better. If not, then trust your instincts into looking for the right burger – circular or square, lean or moist, and heavy or light. It’s could be 8 ounces or it could be 1/3 of a pound. When you have that right burger, it must be then made with plenty of love.

Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients

Part of finding and cutting the right burger is part of having the perfect ingredients to make it. In addition, you must have the right bread, the right seasons, the right cheeses, and the right toppings for it. You can’t just get regular buns, but get bread that is baked freshly without the preservatives and tastes well. The cheese as well, having the right slice and right kind to place on top – mozzarella, provolone, Swiss – based on how you are cooking the burger.

best burgers in limerick

Delicious, freshly made Gourmet Burgers @ Brew Bros, Limerick

The vegetables also have to be cut right and slightly wet, not dry, to fit perfectly with the burger taste. If adding the ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, or brown sauce, don’t get to heavy on it. When adding it, again, don’t drown the burgers and vegetables with it. A popular topping is the breakfast combo of fried egg and bacon. Again, find the right eggs to use and slices of bacon to cook.

Cooking Procedures

You have to grill the burger perfectly with the right temperature to get the right cooking color, particularly medium or medium-rare. You can’t have the surface burned and the inside undercooked; it’s a common mistake done at the grill. Keep the burgers juicy as you cook it and don’t let it dry. Also, grill the buns for a little bit for a warm, crispy taste; the same goes with the bacon in not let it easily burn and not frying them too early.

The burger must also be piled on evenly and cleanly (which sounds a bit of an oxymoron) for presentation. Place the burger on the bun clearly and the slice of cheese on top so it melts perfectly. The same goes with spreading out the sauces on the bun and the burger (and the chips). The vegetables need to also be sliced and placed properly as part of creating a symmetric burger to eat. It just has to look clean and balanced so no mess comes out when eating.


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After studying Hotel and Catering Management, head chef Allen entered the family business in 2012 moving Brew Bros towards a more service oriented restaurant serving freshly cooked local produce and the finest Gourmet burgers to the great people of Limerick.

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