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Why Event Catering Plays an Important Role in the Outcome of the Occasion

By Allen O'Shaughnessy | Catering

Apr 07
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There’s a high demand for event catering in Limerick. Having the right event catering company behind you will provide a polished finish to your event.

Whether looking for birthday party catering in Limerick, or you have corporate catering needs in mind - it’s an important component of any event.

Whether it’s a shareholder meeting or a product launch, event catering plays a vital role in corporate meetings. It makes people feel more comfortable and at ease, while ensuring your business looks good, and that the event is a success. There are plenty of events where you may need catering services and our catering services tends to all of them. Whether it’s an engagement party, a birthday party or an anniversary party.

However, corporate events are different. The catering at a corporate event is to appease participants over business discussions, or to celebrate employees or new projects and this is why the catering you choose must be professional and of a high standard.

Special Skills Are Required in Corporate Catering

The reason corporate catering is different is because it requires a different set of skills for perfect execution. In corporate meetings with discussions on acquisitions and mergers, the upper echelon of the company is present, so it’s necessary for the caterer to host them appropriately.

The events are serious, and tend to involve large amounts of money. So, it’s vital that the catering employees are dressed immaculately and can present the correct demeanour when serving company executives and business owners.For corporate events that revolve around celebrating or rewarding employees there is often a more festive mood, thus the catering staff can be more laid back as they serve everyone.

Corporate Events Are Serious Business

Corporate meetings that include employees are often celebratory, because they tend to be an award ceremony or a celebratory function. Catering for these events should be well trained to ensure perfect execution.A corporate event caterer will assist in the preparation of the menu, wine (if necessary), as well as in handling the décor of the venue, table arrangements, and any other necessary decorations.It would be difficult to expect the corporate management team to handle every aspect of the event, so it’s vitally important that the catering company can handle the majority of the event execution. Product launches tend to involve potential consumers, as well as media, and a variety of other guests. This would require large-scale arrangements by the caterer on behalf of the company hosting the event. It’s vital that these events are executed successfully as guests will be leaving feedback, and the media will be writing reviews.The catering of any occasion will decide whether the event is a success.

Corporate Caterers Are Highly Equipped

Caterers who host corporate events have the resources to execute unforgettable moments, delivering highly polished, professional services to ensure your event is memorable.The catering service that you choose could hold the key to influencing product promotions, as well as meeting outcomes. While big companies tend to go large and lavish, small and medium companies can agree a package with the caterer, based on budget.A great caterer has the skills and flexibility to work with your budget and produce a stellar spread for your event.

Have a corporare event coming up? Need corporate catering services in Limerick? Look no further, email me on alan (at) brewbros (dot) ie or call us on (061) 335 111.


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