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Who the hell invented Pizza?

By Allen O'Shaughnessy | General

May 17
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Pizza is really a popular food item. It is the perfect party food and the perfect food to eat while watching the big game. Have you ever wondered what the origins are of this delicious food? The fact is that pizza has a very rich history. The origins of pizza is quite fascinating, so if you were wondering all about the history of pizza you can read on.

The origins of this food actually goes all of the way back to the Neolithic age. As long as generations have created flatbreads, they have been putting toppings on them. In Ancient Greece they created a flat style bread known as “plakous”, something that they added toppings like garlic, herbs, and onions. During the 6th century, members of the army under Persian king Darius I would make these flatbreads with dates and cheese. They would cook this upon their shields while they were in the battlefield. The term pizza was first used in 997 AD in Gaeta and later in the other parts of Central and Southern Italy.

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There has also been the suggestion that the origins of pizza can be found back to the pizzarelle, which is a kosher cookie eaten by the Roman Jews during Passover. The modern pizza as we know it today was actually created in Naples. During the 18th century, cooks in this location added tomatoes to the focaccia to create this new delicious treat. Prior to this moment, people believed that tomatoes were poisonous but poorer people eventually decided to go for it and add tomato to their flatbread. This caught like wildfire in Italy and brought tourists to the poorer areas for this delicacy. For the most part, this was primarily consumed in Italy and by those who have emigrated from there. This was the case until soldiers went to Italy during the World War II. Allied troops loved the Italian food while they were stationed there and they gained a particular interest for pizza.

In Italy, a lot of purists decided that there were only really two types of pizzas: the margherita and the marinara. The marinara is the more traditional of the types, which used a topping of tomato, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and oregano. The margherita is topped with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and fresh basil. The pizza has continually evolved over time. Now there are so many different variations. You can get buffalo chicken pizza or even the hotly debated Hawaiian pizza.

Pizza is one of the most popular foods across the globe. You would be very hard-pressed to find another food item is just as delicious as the cheesy goodness of a fresh pizza. There are many places, especially in Italy, that still stick to the traditional methods of cooking pizza. Whether you are a traditionalist or not, pizza is absolutely a food item that is perfect to order for any occasion. Having a party for someone’s birthday? You need to order a pizza. Want to just share food with your friends at lunch? A pizza is a cost-effective solution for you.


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