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How to Hold the Perfect Kids Birthday Party

By Allen O'Shaughnessy | Catering

Mar 15
childrens birthday party catering limerick

Back in the day, a kid’s party used to be a couple of hours in your back garden with a few cakes and sandwiches. These days hosting a children’s birthday party could be an Olympic sport.

With parents often battling it out to have the most extravagant party for their little darlings. Many professional entertainers, planners and event caterers all over Limerick are being enlisted to help parents create the perfect birthday party.

Although we’re not all up for competing as though we’re auditioning for the Real Housewives of Limerick (bound to be a thing). We do all want our kids to have a great time (and us a relatively stress-free one) on their special day. So we’ve put together a few tips for holding the perfect kids birthday party.


Guess what? You don’t have to invite your kid’s entire class to the party (although you should try to extend invites discreetly so that no one feels left out). If your child is old enough, obviously they can control the guest list. But if they’re not, the general rule for numbers is to invite the age of your child plus one.

Great news for parents that don’t want to have a mental breakdown whilst trying to keep on top of 30 under 5’s drunk on sugar and excitement. It might also be a good idea to encourage parents to let you know of any food allergies at this stage so that you can tell the caterers.

birthday party catering limerick

Perfect venue in Limerick for birthday party catering


Decide on where you’re going to have the party. You need to choose somewhere that can cater for the size of your guest list, and also somewhere it will be easy to keep a handle on all of the kids. Also, think about the price. Community centres or restaurants will rent out their space for a price. But your own home, or maybe even a local park (with toilets) can be used for free.

birthday party catering limerick

Perfect birthday party fun food for every kid to enjoy


In theory, the food for a kid’s birthday party is easy. But you need to think about allergies and other dietary requirements. For example, some parents might not want their child eating too much sugar, while another can’t eat gluten. The kid’s however, will still want fun tasty food. If you’re not an expert this can be a tough balance.

With other things to worry about, it may be best to call in the caterers. There are plenty of birthday party caterers in Limerick (although none as good as Brew Bros) who will cater for all sizes and events so you can shift your focus elsewhere.

Professional help

I’m not talking about therapy (that’s for after you’ve spent the afternoon in the presence of your child’s classmates).

I’m talking entertainment. Believe it or not, sometimes having 10 friends to play with isn’t enough. Magicians are a timeless addition to a kids party.

I’m talking caterers. If you’re not confident in the kitchen (and even if you are) consider catering for your next event to take away some of the stress. Contact Brew Bros for your next birthday party catering in Limerick so we can help your kids day go without a hitch.


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