How To Lose Those Christmas Pounds With Our Amazing Brew Bros Salads
Jan 26
best salads in limerick


It is very easy and common to gain a pound or two (or three or more) during the holidays. It is expected after multiple pints of beer, several cups of eggnog, and all the fillings in ac cooked turkey with sweets. Oh, sure, have a cup of tea, but we’d all get experimental with a dash of gin or whiskey to spice things up. So, after the New Years, when it is January 2 and we have to get back home to start working again, we’d get on the scale and – oh, dear – you’ve gained a half-stone in just two-plus weeks of holiday. Time to get on a diet and exercise. But, how do you eat right with something delicious?

Salads are the leading food for people who want to lose weight, but it is also not necessarily the mist popular or delicious thing out there. Salad, however, is the most convenient way of having your fruit and vegetables. People put dressing on it, but too much cancels out the health benefits because of the calories in it. So, if you are looking for the best salads or the healthiest lunch in all of Limerick, we have them at Brew Bros. You many know us for our burgers, but we are beyond that.

One thing we do with all meals is prep them well and cook them correctly for the best taste. Our salads are diverse with flavor with many to choose from. Our foods contain anti-inflammatory, antioxidant nutrients to help with your immune system, cut down on blood sugar levels, and lower your cholesterol to prevent heart disease and high blood pressure. Having these nutrients will also prevent cancer and allow you to lose weight when exercising.

healthiest salad limerick

For the healthiest salads in Limerick | Brew Bros Restaurant, Dublin Rd, Castletroy

Consider these salads: the tuna salad replaces saturated fat in recipes, boost up your immune system, and lower bad cholesterol. Sweet Chili Chicken Salad has the protein one wants as the chicken is the dominant figure in a salad not entirely made up of greens. Our healthy Mediterranean salad has olives with the stuff to help fend off heart disease, and Greek salad contains roasted red peppers and cherry tomatoes. The stuff in it makes each salad delicious sounding and it is very tasty.

In addition, look at out gourmet sandwiches such as the ham, chicken, or tune sweetcorn sandwich to help boost fiber with eating a salad. Our gourmet wraps include the same fillings, but also can be with chicken tekka or a regular veggie wrap. All sandwiches and wraps are made fresh with zero preservatives and come with a salad or cole-slaw, so there is plenty of healthy things here. What we have clearly are some of the most healthy salads and foods in Ireland, let alone Limerick.

Come over to see us at Brew Bros. and taste the difference.


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After studying Hotel and Catering Management, head chef Allen entered the family business in 2012 moving Brew Bros towards a more service oriented restaurant serving freshly cooked local produce and the finest Gourmet burgers to the great people of Limerick.

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