8 Tips on How to Choose the Right Catering Service

8 Tips on How to Choose the Right Catering Service

By Allen O'Shaughnessy | Catering

Sep 06
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Getting the right catering service for your party is not a walk in the park. Food is probably the most integral part of any occasion – it’s even the reason for some people why they go to a party. That is why it is crucial to select the company who will be responsible for the food and drinks that you will serve. Fortunately, there are tips on how to choose the right catering service for you. In this article, we will give you 7.

1. Do Google Research

At most times, the most reputable catering services have their own website and well-updated social media pages. Go to Google and look for catering services near your area; a selection of catering services who are near you will most likely to appear on the first page.

2. Read Reviews

Websites such as Yelp are a good tool in helping you choose the right caterer. Take time to look for catering services in these sites and read the reviews section. Consider those caterers who have an average of higher review rates, preferably 90% up.

3. Ask Your Friends

If you’re not sold with the reviews yet, you can always ask a relative or friends who they can recommend. Ask a party organiser friend (if you have one) as party organisers are the most dependable people to ask this sort of question.

4. Can They Handle Your Event?

If you already have a shortlist of caterers, then you can inquire each one of them if they can handle the type of event that you are planning. Though most caterers can provide service to a wide array of events, they are built to target a specific market which means they are sometimes operating with a specialty in mind. 

5. Can They Provide Your Event’s Needs?

If they can handle the type of event that you have, then they most probably can provide for your party needs. Give them a list of what you want to happen. Caterers are more than willing to help realise your event from table setting and skirting down to venue styling. 

6. Have a Taste Test

A catering service provider with high reviews doesn’t guarantee you dishes that will be at par to your taste. Ask your caterer to have a taste test scheduled so you know what to expect from the foods that they will serve.

7. Ask for a Quotation

Don’t forget to ask for a quotation before you sign any contract. That way you would be able to have a glimpse of a breakdown of the items and services you have to pay.

8. Scrutinise the Contract

A good catering service provider will always give you a contract. Once they hand it to you, don’t forget to read the contract and look for important items like cancellation plans. 

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