Top 5 Benefits of Drinking a Glass of Wine a Day
Nov 15

Top 5 Benefits of drinking a Glass of Wine a day

Do you want enjoy a glass of wine with your lunch but feel guilty in doing so? Well don't as most research today suggests that drinking a glass of wine everyday is not only NOT harmful for your health, but healthy. Enjoy your wine with the best lunch in Limerick at Brew Bros

Human beings have been taking wine for thousands of years, so it is no new concept. Research has shown that taking a glass of wine a day is healthy to your body in so many ways. Some of the benefits of taking wine actually seem unbelievable, but as you read more, you will realise that all of these benefits actually make sense.

1. Wine in Limerick Reduces Risk of Getting Atherosclerosis


A number of studies that have been carried out on the impact of drinking red wine in the best restaurant in Limerick have shown that polyphenol, which is a compound that is found in the wine does help reduce the risk of getting atherosclerosis.

This compound helps in hindering the development of the condition which is brought about by a continued buildup of residue in the arteries.

This condition often leads to heart failure and death in extreme cases, a death which can be prevented by taking your glass of red wine every day.

2. Wine Improves Brain Function

A French research showed that drinking a glass of wine a day goes a long way in improving memory and generally how the brain functions on a daily basis.

This is mostly the case in women over 50 years how regularly take wine.

The research proved that these women scored more on tests than their counterparts who chose not to take wine for its supposed ‘bad effects’.

3. A Glass of Wine Helps in Regulating Body Mass Index

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People who take wine daily are more likely to maintain a lower body mass index than those who prefer to take it occasionally.

This is because by drinking a glass daily, one is able to develop a good drinking habit which allows them to have better control over how much they are consuming.

Those who prefer to drink wine occasionally often end up overdoing it hence raising their blood sugar which leads to storage of fat instead of burning it.

Wine helps the body to burn calories when taken in the best restaurant in Limerick.

4. Wine Promotes Good Cholesterol

The alcohol component in wine has been proven to help the body increase the levels of good cholesterol, also referred to as HDL cholesterol.

The purpose of this is to help in fighting against bad cholesterol which is responsible for a range of conditions such as heart disease.

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5. Wine Regulates Blood Sugar

In a research by Harvard Medical School shows that women who take a glass of wine each day have a lower chance of getting type 2 diabetes when they reach menopause.

Another research showed that taking a glass of wine daily in the best restaurant in Limerick for five days also reduced the risk of getting diabetes by 36%.

A lot has been said about the dangers of engaging in alcohol.

However, it is important to note that wine taken in moderation does more for your health than most other things that you may engage in.

So if you enjoy having a glass after the best lunch in Limerick, do so with relish knowing that your body will thank you for it.


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