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Top 5 Restaurants in Limerick

By Allen O'Shaughnessy | General

Jun 20

Top 5 Restaurants in Limerick

We know the Ireland is famous for its pubs, where patrons can get their pint of Guinness or a glass of whiskey. But, the country goes beyond the drink; it has wonderful culinary, both Irish and internationally based. Ireland is a multi-cultural nation, and in any town, visitors can have all kinds of food. Here are five notable restaurants that Limerick’s visitors should try out.

hamptons limerick

Hampton’s Grill -

This New York style restaurant is next door to the Savoy Hotel, giving instant access to its guests. They have their own wood fired ovens and grills, created to cook up plenty of flavour in their steaks, chicken, and seafood. They come up with juicy meals filled with rubs and dressings to give those specialised kicks customers will love.

Freddy’s Bistro –

Ranked as the best restaurant in Limerick by the Epicurean World Master Chefs of Ireland and among the 100 best restaurants in the country, this is inside a beautifully restored 19th-century building with a modern menu and surrounded in a cozy atmosphere.

Even though it’s a dinner-only place, it is very much worth the trip for a very aesthetical location.

Taikichi limerick

Taikichi –

It isn’t all about steaks and pot pies in Ireland. At Taikichi, some of the finest sushi is made with creativity, as well as traditional Japanese food for lunch and dinner. It’s a five-star meal located along O’Connell Street that is fitting for any time and stands out as a great Japanese-sushi restaurant in the city.

The Copper Room limerick

The Copper Room –

This is a spot all about cheese, wine, and port house. They have a passion for these foods, locally and internationally, as well as special meats, breads, and spreads that can be added. On top of the great wine, they also have a great selection of beer. It is an incredible atmosphere in the underground caverns of the former Hanging Garden of Roches.

Azur Restaurant -

This wonderful restaurant has classic European cuisine with dishes including their signature Trio of Seafood, their Lamb Cannon, and their tender steaks. They cook classic meals with a touch of modernity, including a different special every day.

All of their foods are local and fresh, daily. They may be closed on Mondays, but they open till late (time pending) the rest of the week.There are plenty of wonderful places of all foods being served throughout Limerick.

Traditional Irish, steaks, American, European, Asian and more. They are not on-the-go foods made on the cheap, but all cooked with love and design for the flavour of all taste buds that sit and enjoy them.

Consider these places for fine wine, great beer, juicy foods, and great surroundings when visiting Limerick


Hey Locals, :)​ we miss any? What you think? Place any great spots in the comments below so tourists will get the best when visiting



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