Looking for the Healthiest Lunch in Limerick? Brew Bros Restaurant
Nov 15
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Why Brew Bros Salads are the Healthiest Lunch in Limerick

Salads are the go-to food for people who want to lose weight. Eating salad is the most convenient way of getting a couple of servings of fruit and/or vegetables. If you are looking for the best salad in Limerick, then your search is over.

Brew Bros serves some of the best salads in town. They are not only delicious; they are also healthy as well. Below are some of the reasons why Brew Bros salads are the healthiest in town.

The Greek Salad

The Greek Salad from Brew Bros is in the running to be the healthiest salad in Limerick. It contains roasted red peppers, which is a good source of vitamin C. Not only that, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Red peppers have capsaicin, which provides lots of health benefits.

Another ingredient of the Greek Salad is Cherry Tomato, which is a smaller version of the beefsteak tomatoes. Although they might be small in size, but they are rich in nutrients that will help improve your immune system.

The Healthy Mediterranean Salad

healthiest lunch limerick

Just by its name alone, Healthy Mediterranean is the best lunch in Limerick if you value the wellness of your body. It has caramelised onion, which is known to help improve your body’s immunity.

It is also known to help in regulating the blood sugar levels of body. Olives are known to be good antioxidants that help prevent heart disease. While they contain fat, it is the right type of fat that improves the level of good cholesterol.

Sweet Chilli Chicken Salad

best salad limerick

Who said that the healthiest lunch in Limerick should only be greens and fruits? One of the salads offered by Brew Bros is Sweet Chilli Chicken.

And as you might have guessed, its main ingredient is chicken. It is a good source of protein, as well as a provider of essential minerals and vitamins.

Some of the health benefits you can get from chicken include controlling cholesterol levels, reduced cancer risk, improve blood pressure, and lose weight.

Tuna Salad

tuna salad limerick

Another healthy salad from Brew Bros is their Tuna Salad. The fish has been known to be the best source of omega-3 fatty acids that can lower the amounts of cholesterol in the blood vessels.

And that is why tuna has been used to replace fat, saturated meat in recipes. It is also rich in potassium that helps in lowering the blood pressure. It also has various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can help the immune system fight diseases and viruses. Lastly, tuna boost your circulation because of its Vitamin B and iron content.

These are the healthy salads offered by Brew Bros. Now you have more reasons to enjoy the salads along with your burgers. Among the salads above, which do you think is the best salad in Limerick?


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After studying Hotel and Catering Management, head chef Allen entered the family business in 2012 moving Brew Bros towards a more service oriented restaurant serving freshly cooked local produce and the finest Gourmet burgers to the great people of Limerick.

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Pete February 21, 2017

Saw this article and gave Brew Bros ago. Was not dissapointed. Great selection of salads and healthy options. Ill be back.

Martin February 22, 2017

Love your new salads guys, big fan. How about one with black pudding?

Seth March 3, 2017

Love the fact the salads are large, nice one

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